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The sewing portion of my store is closed for the summer......

toy parts, accessories and food supplies are still available for puchase.

Sorry for the inconvenience - See you in the fall!!!


Welcome! This site is all about you and your gliders.

I make top quality products for both you AND your colony! I sew hanging toys, cage sets, unique floor toys not found anywhere else and my famous t-shirts and hoodies with a sewn in zipper pouch for carrying your gliders safely in public!

I also carry a LARGE supply of toy parts for you creative gals and guys who like to make their own toys!!! So take a glide on through and check it out!

I care very much for all of my gliders and want only the best for them as I would imagine you do too! If you are just beginning... you can contact me with any questions you might have, I will help you do the research involved to see if a glider is the right pet for you!

My goal is to provide my customers, with a friendly service, quality items for your gliders and also help with any questions you might have so that you don't become frustrated and your gliders remain an important part of your family from day one!

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